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Elephant Ear Bulbs

Posted by spacegurrrl on March 16, 2008

I bought two elephant ear bulbs at Wal-Mart. They were less than $4 each. I am curious to compare the Malanga and Taro roots to these elephant ear bulbs. The original Malanga sprout seems to have died back with a bit of the “cold” temperatures. Another little leaf has sprouted and turned brown and died, but another one came up immediately to replace it. I think this is the start of it growing.

I got a little impatient with the Taro root I bought from Kmart and so I started digging. Sure enough there was a little sprout underneath the soil. as I dug, I heard a crunch, so I hope I didn’t break it. (Note to self…Quit being so impatient!)



So…this is what my Malanga root from Food City looks like today.

This is what my Taro root from Kmart looks like today. I didn’t “crunch” the top growth after all!


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